The Circle of the Horned Goddess is structured around a none initiatory system. it’s not like becoming a Wiccan by means of an initiation ceremony or a Christian through baptism. We see true initiation into the craft as something that happens over time and not through ceremony but study, personal research and experimentation.


This is our practice of equality, we don’t have initiations or fixed High Priests/High Priestesses who always lead rites, any one can choose to lead a circle or run a rite, providing of course they understand the workings of circle casting and working magic.

Our ancestors had no degrees, grades or levels they lived the craft in symbiosis with nature and passed their knowledge on willingly to the next generation.


The Degree systems found in Wicca originated from freemasonry and filtered  through, that's not what we practice. Unfortunately, egos are often involved and created in the idea of initiation and degrees in formal organisation's resulting in what we call bitch craft within assemblies,, covens and other initiatory groups/orders. That’s not what were about and not what we want to be.