The Witches Stang


The stang is often dressed with garlands and the hanging of two arrows on the shaft as well as sometimes the skull of a horned animal. These are all symbolic of the masculine mysteries.


When looking at the tree of life the stang represents the middle pillar Yggdrasil with its roots deep in Malkuth/the gateway linking with the physical while at the top it is the pathway to the mystical and spiritual experience.


A Forked staff made popular by Robert Cochrane, a prime tool for magic representing the old horned god/king of the forest glade. The stang can be used as an Altar and tool to perform ritual and spells.  





When working in circle the stang is always placed in the north and becomes the link between the realm of the goddess, the old gods and the working ring. Acting as a doorway this allows us to travel from this realm connecting with deities or to call spirits from the underworld.