Practical Witchcraft Theory and Practice


Monthly hands on classes developed to give focus and provide structured training for coven members and seekers interested in the craft. 

Here we bring our energy together to create a place for community and friendship were we practice a number of different craft techniques, skills and meditations. 


We welcomes all levels of experience and offer direct access to authentic structured training.


Everything we pass on is from hands on experience. We teach practical training like how to channel, feel and direct energy for heling, Magic, spell work and self empowerment. This in turn improves your life and the life of friends and family around you. 


Not all but some of the topics we teach are:

• Seasonal festivals and the turning of the year

• Circle casting and ritual magic

• Lunar cycles and drawing down the moon

• Working with Deities, elementals, thought 

   forms, spirits and ancestors

• Divination skills

• Stone magic and crystal sorcery

• Scrying - The use of black mirrors and crystal        balls  

• Tree lore - How to connect with the trees and          nature around us

• Meditation techniques and visualization                  exercises

• How to make your own tools such as Stangs,          staffs, wands, talisman, charms and amulets

• The psychic arts


These classes are not always held indoors but also outdoors to promote a better understanding of the earth and enhance the learning process.


These are just some of the subjects we teach, we believe in the doing, the practicing  of the practical skills within the craft which you wish to learn as well as finding out about the history of witchcraft and great witches who have gone before us.


Don't let your energy stagnate but be like water always moving and always adapting to your surroundings and what ever may lay ahead.