Wardens of The Circle


Five, one to correspond with each point of the pentacle (Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit.). The pentacle is linked with evocation drawing energy forward and manifestation. 

The role of the Wardens are as follows:
Air - Communications in all forms. Up keep of newsletter, Meet Up groups and emails to members and others who are not on these groups etc. Their also be responsible for making contacts with other groups, covens and organisations.

Fire - Coordinator of activities. These activities would be outings etc that we would like to arrange as a group. This role would also include ensuring that we have a Summoner in place to lead seasonal and full moon rituals etc.

Water - Coordinating outreach. Providing support for those in the assembly and being a voice for all throughout all activities.

Earth - Social secretary. Coordinator of all comforts such as food, drink, bread, wine, warmth, buying incense, candles, looking at accessibility to ritual sites etc. Booking meeting spaces and acting as group treasurer.

Spirit - Coordinator of Wardens. Responsible for providing a means of communication between the Wardens. Be it through the internet, wattsapp or physical gatherings. Here to ensure things get done and miss understandings get resolved. There also the signatory for communications with outside bodies etc.

All of these roles (each Warden) gets supported by an assistant and can still ask everyone for help as required.