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The wand is used to work with the element of air and some times fire acting as extension of ourselves and our abilities, a vibrational tool used to focus intent and direct energy. Wands may be used in healing, connect crystal grids or ritual to draw sacred symbols, circles etc.

Generally a wand has two ends; a receiving end which collects energy and a giving end which directs energy normally via a crystal or a point this is what brings about change in oneself, others or ones environment.

Wands can be made from anything that conducts energy, I find wood or crystal best.  Once you have your basic wand the energy may be tailored to suit  by the addition of other crystals or by winding copper wire around the wand this blends the vibration of the material with that of the wand and further amplifing the energy of the wand.       




Once a wand has been used it should be cleansed, here are a number of different methods to consider using; incense, intent, visualisation, calling on guidance from angelic energies or ascended masters or by blowing down the wand to remove any negativity. In addition the wand may be placed on Selenite for a couple of hours or even a couple of days for a more needed cleansing.


If you feel your wand begins to lose its charge, you will have to recharge it, this can be done by holding the wand in both hands, then calling light to yourself connecting  with the all and directing pure bright white light straight down through your crown chakra while at the same time bringing this brilliant white light up from the earth and through the soles of your feet. Feel this energy fill your entire body  then release from your hands and into the wand imagine your wand now glowing with a billient pure white light. Wands can  also be charge by using other crystals or by placing it in direct moon light. Its best to keep your wand wrapped in a silk cloth or in a special bag or case, this keeps the wand separated from any outside energies.